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Kyte Powertech Proudly Sponsors the Ed Reavy Festival Session Trail 2024

Kyte Powertech Proudly Sponsors the Ed Reavy Festival Session Trail

Kyte Powertech is delighted to announce our sponsorship of the Session Trail at this year’s Ed Reavy Festival, organized by Cavan Comhaltas CCE. The festival, taking place from October 17th to 20th, honors the legacy of the illustrious composer Ed Reavy, whose contributions have significantly influenced traditional Irish music across the globe.

Celebrating Cavan’s Musical Heritage

Ed Reavy, originally from Cavan, composed hundreds of tunes that have become staples in traditional Irish music sessions worldwide. The festival in his honour is a testament to his enduring legacy and the rich cultural heritage of our local area. It brings together musicians, enthusiasts, and the community to celebrate the vibrant traditions that make Cavan unique.

At Kyte Powertech, we take great pride in our Cavan roots and are committed to supporting initiatives that promote and preserve our local traditions. Sponsoring the Session Trail at the Ed Reavy Festival allows us to play a part in celebrating and sustaining the cultural fabric of our community.

The festival features an array of events, including live performances, traditional music sessions, and various activities that highlight the musical prowess and historical significance of Cavan. By supporting this event, we aim to honor Ed Reavy’s contributions and provide a platform for showcasing the exceptional talent within our community.

We invite everyone to join us from October 17th to 20th for an unforgettable celebration of Cavan’s musical heritage. The Ed Reavy Festival promises to be a memorable event filled with extraordinary music, vibrant sessions, and a deep sense of community spirit.

Kyte Powertech is proud to support this festival, fostering a greater appreciation for the traditions that enrich our local culture. We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the enduring legacy of Ed Reavy together.

For more information about the festival and the full schedule of events, please visit the Cavan Comhaltas CCE website.