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Amorphous Core Transformers



Amorphous Core Transformers (AMT) is a type of energy efficient transformer found on electric grids. Amorphous Core Transformers are also more enviromentaly friendly due to its high efficancy and high recyclability.

In conventional transformers the core consist of stacked laminations of silicon steel with an almost uniform crystalline structure. In transformers with amorphous cores, a ribbon of steel is wound to make a core. The key benefit of amorphous transformers is that amorphous steel has lower hysteresis losses. Simply put this means that less energy is wasted as heat during magnetisation and de-magnetisation of the core.

Product range:
• Ratings of 50kVA up to 3150kVA

• CO2 reduction due to very low losses
• Recyclable material
• Optional: Environmentally friendly (bio-fluid)
• Energy savings
• Tailored-made design