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Special Transformers



In addition to standard transformer types for distribution applications, Kyte Powertech also builds special transformers for various applications. These nonstandard types in electrical and/or mechanical characteristics, are the result of extensive product development based on constant monitoring and evaluation of changing customer needs in the various market segments. In some cases, special customer requirements have also led to the development of a new product with its
own characteristics.

Special transformer types:
The Kyte Powertech unit’s product range includes the following
special distribution transformers, although this list is not exhaustive:
>> dual voltage transformers
>> amorphous metal distribution transformers (AMDT)
>> steep-wave transformers
>> compact substations
>> auto-transformers
>> rectifier transformers
>> converter transformers
>> generator transformers
>> earthing transformers
>> phase shifters
>> mono and tri-mono transformers
>> transformers with special cable boxes (filled with air or oil)
>> transformers with forced cooling (by means of fans and/or heat-exchanger)
>> transformers with integrated protecting (fuses)
>> COMPACT and Bio-COMPACT transformers (very compact high temperature transformers)

Product range:
• On Request

• Cost efficient / optimized TCO
• Built-to-order ( tailor-made design )
• Low noise / low loss
• Minimized field service due to design for transport
• Small footprint
• Available with DETC/OLTC
• Optional: Environmentally friendly (bio-fluid)