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Three Phase Ground Mounted Transformers



Kyte Powertech produces many thousands of three phase ground mount transformers every year. Three phase transformers are designed to supply electric power to three-phase systems. These electrical devices have three circuit conductors and may or may not have a neutral wire. Three phase power is used by electric power distribution grids and to power large motors and other large loads. Kyte Powertech offers a unique design with improved impulse withstand and short circuit withstand.

Product range:
Ratings of 50kVA up to 10MVA

• Compact / light weighted
• With or without off-circuit tap changer
• Unique design with improved impulse and short circuit withstand
• Arcing horns or lightning arresters
• Integrated fuses
• Many add-on options available
• Highly customizable
• Optional: Environmentally friendly (bio-fluid)